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Carbide and Tungsten Recycling

Tungsten Scrap and Carbide Recycling near Detroit, Michigan

We operate a carbide recycling center here at Midas Metal Recycling Inc and will pay a good price for scrap. Recycling scrap tungsten carbide is one of our most regular jobs, and we have almost 40 years of experience in handling the metal.

Carbides are characterized by their extreme hardness and are used in abrasives, and in cutting, drilling, grinding and polishing tools. Carbide sludge is the scrap and fillings from machining tungsten carbide tools in a machine shop. We test the quality of the sludge by its weight, the heavier, the better,

The recycling of carbide has many benefits. Tungsten carbide scrap is used in the fabrication and production of many industrial products that are used widely in the manufacturing industry. It is known for its nearly indestructible qualities, and because it is a hard metal, it has high resistance to wear and heat, allowing it to outperform many of its steel counterparts easily.

If you decide to do your part to recycle tungsten carbide, it can be highly beneficial to the environment for a number of reasons. For a start, it is incredibly easy for us to recycle and is very much in demand in the international market.

Carbide inserts contain very heavy metals that can ultimately seep into groundwater supplies and contaminate them over time. This is very dangerous but, by recycling your tungsten carbide, you will prevent this from happening indefinitely.

The primary use for recycled carbide is in cutting or drilling equipment. However, it can also be used for military ammunition, jewelry, light bulb filaments, sporting equipment such as trekking pole tips, ballpoint pens, medical instruments including forceps and tweezers, and fro equipment such as picks and shovels used in the mining and construction industries.

If you live near Warren, Michigan, and want to recycle your scrap tungsten carbide, we are the professionals you should trust with the job. We will hive you the best price so call us on (586) 353-8107.

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